Julie Lerman talks about DDD and EF Core 3.

9 June 2019 ·  9 min read

Julie Lerman visited Milton Keynes, UK on 31 May 2019. Julie presented her talk on Domain Driven Design and how to Map Domain Models in EF Core.

Jon Skeet Talks About C# 8.

11 April 2019 ·  11 min read

Jon Skeet visited Milton Keynes, UK on 2 Apr 2019. Jon talked about a number of topics including 'Nullable Reference Types', 'Switch Expressions', 'Pattern Matching' and 'Indexes and Ranges'

C# Method Chaining

25 February 2019 ·  11 min read

Guide showing you how methods can be chained in C#.

How to run (debug) a .Net Core project

15 January 2019 ·  9 min read

Beginners guide to how you can run/debug a project, using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and the .Net Core Command Line Interface.