Jim Mc̮̑̑̑͒G and the Silicon Orchid project

10 January 2019  
 1 min read

Hi, I’m Jim Mc̮̑̑̑͒G.

I’ve been a software developer since the late ‘90s, using largely Microsoft technologies. Today, that means I generally gravitate around cloud-based solutions using C#, .NET Core and Azure.

Silicon Orchid is a personal project that I began in 2019. My goal is to engage with the development community and to reach out to other developers, especially those new to the industry.

I have often been reliant upon the many bloggers and authors to help me along the way. This blog-site is my opportunity to reciprocate, by sharing some of my own learnings.

I hope that readers coming to this site find something that is useful and I wish you well on your own coding journey!

If you would like to chat or discuss anything, please do follow and engage with me on Twitter @siliconorchid.

Jim McG : Twilio Champion

Jim McG : MCSA